Shop WFH FAQ's

  1. What essential home office furniture do I need for my set up?

A home office desk, ergonomic chair and if you enjoy productivity and a clear space, a filing cabinet will do you good. Recess’ monitor arm will keep your space clutter free and productive as well. Depending on the time you spend at your desk, a standing desk will help your comfort and posture tremendously. As well as reduce back and neck pain. 

  1. How to design a home office layout?

We recommend you think about your home office layout prior to assembling the furniture. Having a thought out home office layout is important in creating an organised space. Take into consideration how you can get the most out of your space, sources of natural lighting, and having enough space to not feel claustrophobic. There is also plenty of information regarding the dimensions of our WFH office furniture on the product pages of our website.

  1. How to set up an ergonomic home office?

All furniture Recess offers have ergonomic designs. Simply assemble and arrange Recess furniture with the setup manuals that come with your product to set up your very own ergonomic home office. Furniture is easy to assemble. Once users receive their orders, they’ll have no trouble setting up their new home office furniture. All products come with comprehensive instructions so don’t stress.