Shop Workplace FAQ's

  1. What must have office furniture do I need for my workplace?

Office desks, ergonomic office chairs and if you enjoy productivity, a soundproof booth. Although, it does depend on the size of your team, the larger the team the more essential it is to include privacy in your office with Recess’ desk screens and even more importantly, organisational office furniture. We have a range of accessories such as our single filing cabinet and our credenza that will keep your space clutter free and productive. 

  1. What is ergonomic office furniture?

Ergonomic office furniture reduces harm on your back, neck and posture through adjustments that allow you to optimise your comfort and health while working for long periods of time. For example, our Ergo Pro Chair has eight easy to use adjustments to ensure you are getting the comfort and support you need. 

  1. How does office furniture affect productivity?

Ergonomic office furniture keeps you comfortable and supported. This helps keep workers from getting distracted by helping them stay in a flow state and reduce the need for constant adjusting. Recess office furniture also has smart, ergonomic designs that are intuitive to use. All of this boosts office productivity and longevity.

  1. How to arrange your office furniture?

There are a number of factors involved that may determine the orientation of your modern office furniture. Recess commonly works with teams to take the stress out of arranging their office furniture. Visit our Office Fitout page and reach out for help with rearranging your new Recess office furniture.

  1. How to dispose of old office furniture?

Recess offers “Free Furniture Pickup” for businesses who order any new furniture from the site that will be recycled and rehomed. It will not end up in landfill, this is part of our core ethos at Recess. We sell sustainable office furniture and deal with old office furniture in an environmentally friendly manner.