Soundproof booths revolutionising the future of work

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Sustainable office pods and modular architecture that offers companies a permit free alternative to fixed construction and traditional office design.

Meet the Recess Booths

The Nook

Specifically designed for individuals. The Nook offers a fully soundproof space for meetings and focused work. Distraction free assembly within 45 minutes.

The Cove

The Cove provides a space-efficient solution for individuals or teams of up to 4 who want a fully soundproof space for collaborative meetings and focused work. 

Features You'll Adore

Up to 32dB sound reduction

Mute the chitchat and enter the zone with a booth constructed from high quality materials, recycled PET acoustic panels, ethically certified wood and recyclable steel. Think of it as a private working area, free from any noise or distractions.

Silent Ventilation

Work longer with 2 x 12V silent fans drawing fresh air in from the base and out through the ceiling of every booth to ensure a more than adequate supply of fresh air in the space for hours.

Built-in Desk

Timber shelf and whiteboard built into the booth. Our booth boast a 105cm desk height with a depth of 37cm to accomodate even the biggest of laptops.

Powered up & Well lit

Evenly spread lights powered by a 12W LED central lighting system. USB charging & power outlets are sure to get your people in the zone. No fuss hardwiring required - simply just plug into a wall and off you go.

Grows with you

Modular and flexible to move around the office and fit into any space. Don't settle for ineffective and costly built in options. Disassembled in under an hour with just two pairs of hands, Recess booths can grow with you.

Easy Assembly

Sit back and relax with our white glove delivery and installation. Our booths come ready to go in six pieces, specifically designed to be modular for the growing team.

One Solution, Designed for All



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Award Winning Range

Sustainable by design, our booths are made with the highest quality materials, recycled plastic acoustic panels and ethically certified wood. Our award winning range represents our commitment to offering Australia’s best soundproof office solution.

Sustainably Made

We make furniture that doesn’t harm the earth. Simple as that. Our products are manufactured with FSC certified timber and recycled materials saving over 1000 plastic bottles from becoming landfill or ocean trash.

Flexible. It moves with you

45 minutes. That’s all it takes to build one of our booths. They come ready to go, flat-packed for a distraction free & quick assembly. As you grow, our booths come apart just as easily so they can make the move with you to your new team space.

Purchase with peace of mind

Our booths are built to stand the test of time and we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. Don’t believe us? Our entire range is backed with a market-leading, 5 year warranty.

Fast Delivery & Assembly

Delivered straight to your door, we come with two people and a power drill to assemble on site within the hour. No permits required. It takes days, not weeks.

Australian Owned & Operated

Proudly Australian-owned and operated, we’ve blended top-notch design with functionality, ensuring you get a premium, noise-free haven. Every booth is a testament to our commitment to quality, providing you an oasis in the heart of the hustle.

The Nook

1 Person

105W x 113D x 220H (cm)

Weight: 220kg

Soundproof up to 32dB

2 x 12V Silent Fans

12W LED Softbox

1 x USB A

1 x USB C

Timber Shelf and Whiteboard

Desk: 105H x 37D (cm)

Up to 45 Minutes Assembly Time

30-Day Trial

The Cove

Up to 4 people

230W x 120D x 230H (cm)

Weight: 490kg

Soundproof up to 28dB

4 x 20V Silent Fans

Motion Sensor

2 x LED Ceiling Light


1 x AU Power Socket

2 x Light Grey Sofas

2 x Plywood laminate finished shelf

Up to 4 Hours Assembly Time

30-Day Trial

The Recess team was professional, yet personable and really took the time to understand our vision. Everything was completed on time, all of our staff absolutely love working from their stand up desks and we were blown away by the production quality of the soundproof booths given the appealing price point.

Charlie Gearside

Founder of Eucalyptus

Nook has pride of place in the AfterWork office. They allow us to take calls and Zoom meetings without disturbing the rest of the team, or work in a distraction-free zone.

Jesse Wu

Head of Community

The Nook is perfect for large shared work environments where phone-call privacy is limited. It’s a well designed, modern take on the traditional phone box.

Dr. Brandon Gien

CEO of Good Design AU

Boost productivity and mute noisy workplace distractions

Wonder how a Recess booth can elevate your office productivity?

Fast Delivery

Product, peace and privacy delivered straight to your door


We come with two people and a power drill to assemble on site. No permits required.

30-Day Trial

If you don't love it, we'll come pick it up from you within 30 days of delivery - no questions asked.

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