Ergonomic Desks

Ergonomic Desks

Want an office space that will bring the best out of your team? Our range of ergonoimc office desks are stylish, durable & adjustable. Made from 80% recycled materials, they not only benefit your productivity but also the environment.

Want an office space that will bring the best out of your team? Our range of ergonomic office desks are stylish, durable & adjustable. Made from 80% recycled materials.

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“Combining an uncomplicated, relaxed design language with durability and sustainability, the Recess range of office furniture has tapped into the current rethinking of work practices, both in the home and the office.”

“Sustainability is a big focus for the brand. It uses FSC-certified wood for all its timber-based products and its packaging is recyclable.”

“Sometimes a great idea all comes down to design. There are plenty of smartphones in the market, but plenty of people are drawn to the iPhone and pay a premium, because of great design and so it is for sustainable office furniture startup Recess.”

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Workplace Office Desk Range

Recess’ Ergonomic Desk Range is functional, sustainably built and stylish. There are options for all sizes of teams with a selection of styles and colours available. The collection ranges from 1-6 person work desks.

Smart Office Desks Helping You Produce Your Best Work

Modern office desks designed to bring the best out of you while you work. Ergonomic office desks help with your posture, keep you comfortable and minimise distractions to ensure you stay focused when in the zone.

Eco Friendly Office Desks Sustainably Manufactured

Not only are Recess’ designs aesthetically pleasing and functional, they are also manufactured sustainably. Using FSC Certified Timber to construct these tables, you can be sure you’re doing your part to alleviate damage to the environment when purchasing Recess desks.

Workstations For All Your Needs

Recess offers a variety of office desks & workstations to choose from for teams of all sizes. Fixed height desks, standing desks, and meeting / conference desks. Recess’ selection has every type of desk you’ll need to fit out your professional office space.

Workplace Desks FAQ's

  1. What are office desks made of?

Recess desks are made with FSC Certified timber and are sustainably produced. They are built to last made from waterproof, scratch resistant table tops, powder coated aluminimum legs and a stainless steel frame with a 300kg holding capacity. 

  1. How high should an office desk be?

Recess’ single desks stand at 75 cm in height. This is a comfortable height for your workstation but if you’re spending a lot of time at your desk, Recess’ adjustable standing desks will allow you to change the height of your desk to help your posture an keep you working at your best for a while. 

  1. How to build a desk for your workspace?

Recess tables are easy to assemble. They come with simple instructions that will allow users to put their desk together quickly but even better orders over $5K in value will have the Recess’ assembly team put together your furniture for you.

  1. How to organise your office desk or cubicle at work?

Managing your desk space and removing clutter can be a great way to organise your workspace. Recess offers a number of workplace accessories to help you stay clutter-free. Shop some of our organisational accessories and level up your workspace here. Our filing cabinet, credenza and monitor arm are the perfect combination to free up space and lighten up your office.

  1. How to clean your office desk?

After organising / decluttering your desk, it’ll be a lot easier to clean. It is recommended to do so every once in a while. Antibacterial wipes are a simple yet effective way to clean your desk. Keeping it looking sharp and helping to create an environment that fosters productivity.  

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