The Best At-Home Fitness Platforms To Try

The best at-home fitness platforms

After multiple rounds of lockdowns, we’ve all become pretty familiar with doing everything at home. While gyms and fitness studios might be open again, a stack of us are keen to keep working out from our backyard or living room in 2022. 

Luckily, there are plenty of brilliant at-home fitness platforms offering everything from yoga and Pilates flows to HIIT classes and everything in between.

So, we’ve scouted out some of our favourite programs to help you break a sweat (without leaving your own home). Keep reading to discover a stack of top-notch at-home fitness platforms to add to your radar this year. 

At-Home Fitness Platform 1: Peloton

⭐️ Best for: tech fanatics who are ready to invest in the ultimate at-home fitness set-up. 

As far as cult at-home fitness platforms go, Peloton has to be one of the most iconic. After arriving in Australia last year, Peloton has won Aussies over in droves (inspired by it’s celebrity fans including Lizzo, Miley Cyrus, Hugh Jackman and Beyoncé).

So, what’s the appeal of Peloton? The fit-tech company has a range of premium fitness bikes and a library of on-demand workouts with experienced trainers from around the globe. Their trainers have earned a dedicated fan-base, renowned for keeping you motivated throughout even the toughest of rides. 

It’s a bit of an investment to get started (with the Peloton Bikes starting from $2,295). But, you can opt for the Peloton App membership, which is packed with hundreds of classes from strength training to running programs to Pilates. 

At-Home Fitness Platform 2: SWEAT

⭐️ Best for: if you love variety in your workouts and want a handy fitness app you take with you on-to-go.

Ever feel stuck in your workout routine? If you’re ready to spice up your workout schedule, we’ve got just the app you need to download. 

The SWEAT app is packed with an ever-evolving library of workouts, all available on demand  and tailored to your fitness level, goals and experience. Whether you connect to your Apple Watch or use the mobile app, SWEAT’s experienced trainers (including Kayla Itsines) take you through every move to make sure your form is on point.

From high intensity strength training to low impact cardio sessions, there’s something for everyone on the SWEAT app. 

At-Home Fitness Platform 3: Keep It Cleaner

⭐️ Best for: if you’re searching for a holistic fitness and wellness platform with everything from workouts to weekly meal plans.

Feeling your best isn’t just about how you move your body. In fact, what we eat has an even bigger effect on our mood, energy levels and focus. 

That’s why Keep It Cleaner (a holistic fitness and meal-planning platform) doesn’t just focus on workouts and exercise. In fact, their app is packed with a huge collection of healthy recipes, weekly meal plans, meditation classes and so much more. 

With a team of expert trainers and workout styles to suit every taste, you can sign up to a guided program (like their 12 week running program) or pick and choose your workouts on-demand. 

At-Home Fitness Platform 4: Alo Moves 

⭐️  Best for: if you’re looking to gain flexibility and mobility from an at-home yoga studio.

We could all use an excuse to put our phone down and switch off. That’s exactly what you’ll score with Alo Moves (the virtual yoga studio by activewear brand, Alo Yoga). 

This monthly membership gives you access to unlimited yoga, fitness and meditation classes to suit every level of experience. 

Calm your mind with soothing breathing exercises or challenge yourself with a handstand skills class. Plus, you’ll never get bored with new classes released weekly (run by the best instructors and teachers from around the world). 

At-Home Fitness Platform 5: Flow Athletic.TV

⭐️  Best for: a virtual program that takes the guesswork out of your fitness routine.

If you’ve ever been to a Flow Athletic studio, you know you’re in for a treat with Flow Athletic.TV. This virtual workout studio offers a heap of on-demand classes to keep you motivated and fit while working out at home.

With 100+ videos ready for you to explore, this program is perfect for getting a midday workout in while working from home. 

From 20-minute cardio hits to hour-long yoga flows, Flow Athletic.TV has everything you need to get moving and add mindful movement into your daily routine. 

At-Home Fitness Platform 6: Peaches Pilates Online

⭐️  Best for: if you’re looking to build strength and flexibility and score total body toning.

Think Pilates isn’t intense enough to help you see results? Think again. The crew from Sydney-based Peaches Pilates have an incredible library of on-demand content ready to help you feel the burn at home.

With new workouts released weekly, a stack of curated challenges and a supportive community, Peaches Pilates is perfect for Pilates beginners all the way to advanced athletes. 

Plus, most of their workouts are equipment free, so all you need is yourself and a yoga mat to workout at home. 

And that’s a wrap. When it comes to working at home, there’s stacks of top-notch fitness programs and apps to explore. These programs are all designed to help add a bit of movement into your day, all without leaving your living room.