A FAQs Guide To Everything You Need To Know About Soundproof Booths

A FAQs Guide To Everything You Need To Know About Soundproof Booths

Wish you could stay as focused as lo-fi study girl? If you’re adjusting back to a noisy open-plan office post-pandemic, you might need a helping hand to ditch the distractions.  

We know that interruptions from coworkers and the office soundtrack aren’t great for getting in the zone. Whether you need to power through a presentation, wrap up a report or jump on a quick phone call, a soundproof booth is a perfect place to get your best work done. 

To give you a clear snapshot of everything you need to know about soundproof booths, we’ve rounded up the most common questions we’ve received about soundproof booths and spaces. 

Let’s dive in.

What is a soundproof booth? 

The transition back to in-office work has been a bit of a shock for many of us. If you’ve been dreading the constant distractions, the forced water cooler talk, and coworkers jumping into the background of your Zoom calls, then it might be time to consider a soundproof booth.

In a nutshell, an office phone booth is a small private space for individuals to escape the noisy open-plan office. Usually fitted out with a bench, stool and charging ports, these booths are perfect for deep work tasks and calls. 

What are the benefits of a soundproof booth?

In busy open offices, it can be tough to find space to hide and speak (or smash through your to-do list). Everyone’s vying for the solitude of the conference room, but who’ll get there first?

In fact, nearly 40% of the time, meeting rooms are used by a single person. But taking up an entire room shouldn’t be our only option to get deep work done. 

That’s where a private phone booth and meeting spaces can come in handy - and here’s why:

  • They’re flexible: booths offer solo workspaces where you or your team can get their tasks or meetings done, without taking up entire meeting rooms. Plus, the best booths are portable meaning they can move when you do.

  • They’re space and cost-efficient: skip a major renovation and score a portable booth that comes at a fraction of the cost of building a meeting room in your office.

  • They’re productive: with fewer outside distractions and soundproofing technology, you can stay focused on your tasks (and not spend your time worrying about whether the rest of the team can hear your phone calls). 

How much reduction in sound does a booth provide?

The whole point of a soundproof booth is to mute noisy workplace distractions. That’s why our Nook does what it says on the tin: it provides up to 32dB sound reduction. 

The Nook is built from high-quality, sustainable materials (including recycled PET acoustic panels, ethically certified wood and recyclable steel). 

Whether you need some privacy in your open office or want to power through your day, the best soundproof booths block out the outside world to keep you in the zone.

Is there a soundproof booth for more than one person?


While The Nook is perfect for solo meetings or private phone calls, we knew teams also needed a spot to collaborate (without outside distractions). 

That’s where The Cove comes in  - a space-efficient solution for teams of up to four who want a fully soundproof space for meetings and focused work. 

Kitted out with two plush sofas, a plywood desk and all the power outlets you need, it’s the best way to stay connected and in the zone. 

Plus, you can even upgrade and score the Jabra PanaCast 180° camera & LED Dell screen/monitor to make sure everyone can be seen on your team Zoom calls, too. 

What can a soundproof booth be used for? 

Think a soundproof booth is just for phone calls? Think again. 

There is a stack of ways to get creative and get the most out of your booth, whether you need to zen out or deliver your best work. 

Here are just a few unexpected uses for a soundproof booth:

  • Record your latest podcast episode in a space free from distractions and background noise.

  • Create your latest tracks and produce music in the peace and quiet of a soundproof space.

  • Refocus and let the stress of the day wash away with a private spot for meditation and relaxation. 

How much should an office soundproof booth cost? 

Scoring a flexible, space-saving soundproof booth doesn’t need to be a huge investment. 

If you’re looking for a private, single-person soundproof workspace, check out The Nook ($6,995). 

Need a bit more space? Score The Cove (from $16,495) is the perfect four-person portable meeting room for agile teams. The best bit? There’s no need for construction or safety permits, meaning The Cove can be disassembled for moving around the office or taken with you when your team grows.

What to look for in the best soundproof booths

The search for the ideal soundproof booth can be overwhelming, so we recommend focusing on the quality and density of materials to maximise sound reduction.

We’re proud to share that The Nook was the 2020 Good Design Winner, and with good reason.

Our Nook is made with high-quality recycled acoustic panels, ethically certified wood and recyclable steel, and boasts a 32dB sound reduction. Basically, it’s a stylish and functional private working area, free from any noise or distractions.

Still weighing up your options? Here are some things to consider before you make your pick:

  • Exterior dimensions - the less floor space you need to use, the better.
  • Interior dimensions - make sure there’s enough room inside for practicality.
  • Ventilation - there’s nothing worse than a stuffy cubicle so look for a booth that keeps you cool under pressure.
  • Lead time - don’t wait months to help your team unlock productivity. 
  • Delivery and installation fees - why pay someone to do something you can do yourself?
  • Sound reduction - because when it comes down to it, that’s the whole point. 

Ready to score an award-winning soundproof booth? 

Creating a productive and flexible work environment means you make the most out of your day-to-day schedule. Incorporating a soundproof booth into your open-office plan will give your team a peaceful place to deep dive, make and take calls, or just have a breather. 

What are you waiting for? Score an Aussie-designed, award-winning soundproof booth at a lower price point than any of our competitors. Shop Recess’ range of soundproof booths and spaces.