Sustainability FAQ

Can I recycle the packaging?

We’re glad you asked! All you’ll need is a big yellow or blue bin, a mean set of skills for flattening boxes and an unconditional love for this earth that we all coexist on. We’ve tried to minimise the amount of other packaging such as soft plastics, but if you’re feeling extra cool, you can recycle these materials at any REDcycle collection point (found at most Coles and Woolies stores).

Are your products environmentally friendly?

We’ve made a commitment to make our booth with one eye firmly on our environmental impact. From our booth being made out of recycled plastic bottles to all our timber based products being FSC certified, we’re doing everything we can to ensure today brings a better tomorrow. We have long term visions for a circular model within our business and we will be looking at options everyday to make this company a company for the future! See our Sustainability page for more info. 

Is climate change real?