Five ways to keep team culture alive in the era of hybrid work

how to keep team culture alive when working from home

Remote working comes with plenty of perks. There’s non-existent commute times, easy access to the fridge and the ability to wear whatever you want (well, from below the waist at least). 

But, there are some major challenges for businesses in the era of hybrid work. From team lunches to incidental ‘water cooler’ chats, keeping a strong company culture alive is more important (and more difficult) than ever before. 

By 2024, Gartner estimates that 51% of the globe will be working remotely in some capacity. And with a recent survey from Atlassian revealing the many employees  flagged there are big barriers to organic collaboration when working from home, businesses need to find new ways to keep their teams engaged and connected (no matter where they’re working from). 

So, to give your team a head start, we’ve rounded up five of our favourite tech platforms designed to bring your team together when working from wherever. 

Platform 1: Culture Amp

How do your team feel about their job? If you’re scratching your head, let’s introduce you to Culture Amp. 

This employee engagement platform covers everything from goal setting to feedback as well as performance management and even upskilling. 

If you’re looking to create a company culture built on open, honest feedback and opportunities for growth and development, Culture Amp offers a stack of tools that make that possible (no matter where your team is working from). 

Plus, you can easily survey your team to gauge their sentiment about everything from workload to work-life balance (and be on the front foot to implement changes that will keep your people happy). 

Platform 2: Remote Social

Struggling to get your team together? If hybrid work has spelled disaster for your usual team building events, say hello to Remote Social. 

This platform is designed for remote and hybrid teams who are looking for creative ways to have fun together and build strong connections. Remote Social has a library of bookable online experiences, packed with tonnes of activities that will bring your team together. 

From cooking lessons to fitness experiences and even arts and crafts, there’s tonnes of variety to guarantee you’ll never be stuck for a team building activity. 

Simply browse Remote Social's library of experiences, book and pay for your team and you’ll be sent the video conferencing details ahead of time. 

Platform 3: Remotion

Do you miss swinging by your teammates’ desk for a quick chat? If so, you need to check out Remotion. 

This digital app is all about recreating those in-person interactions online using your desktop. To make your hybrid team feel like they’re working in one space, Remotion allows your team to swing by each other’s desktops for a chat, to ask a quick question or to praise their work. 

Using emojis, audio and video chats, your teammates can organically communicate with each other in natural ways. Rather than scheduling formal Zoom meetings, teammates can jump into rooms to casually converse or simply catch up. 

Platform 4: Donut

Whether you’re making a new hire or want to break down silos within your existing organisation, Donut is the culture-building tool for you.

This Slack integration is the perfect tool for inspiring organic social conversations between teammates. From introducing teammates to launching mentoring programs, Donut offers plenty of easy-to-use templates that help your team connect via direct messages in Slack. 

There’s even a feature that allows you to set up fortnightly virtual catchups between teammates who haven't worked together before. And to make new hires feel a part of the team from day one, you can assign them a buddy via Donut to show them the (virtual) ropes.

Plus, the tool even comes with conversation starters and prompts to beat social isolation and get colleagues chatting about more than just their to-do list. 

Platform 5: Lattice

Are you using employee feedback to make your company the best place to work? If not (or you’re looking to refine your processes) take a peek at Lattice. 

This people management platform handles everything from performance reviews to employee engagement and has a stack of tools to encourage employee growth and development.

What makes this platform stand out from the pack is its ability to combine real-time performance data from your team with employee engagement results. 

Basically, it doesn’t just rely on what team members report in surveys and reviews. It looks at their performance stats to help you review and refine your company culture to support peak performance. And Lattice goes one step further with a stack of action plans and research-backed actions you can start implementing to boost your team’s engagement and company culture. 

Plus, the platform helps your managers become expert career coaches with user-friendly interfaces to help every team member develop new skills and hit their KPIs (no clunky spreadsheets required). 

When it comes to keeping your team united in the era of hybrid work, it’s all about leveraging tech to find new ways to keep teammates engaged and connected. From performance reviews to virtual team building days, these top five platforms will help you retain your talent and keep your people happy (no matter where they’re working from).