Get to know us: Meet the team behind Nook

Why we created Nook

A Tasmanian hiking trip might sound like the most unlikely spot to dream up a business idea, but that’s exactly how it happened for Nook. 

Our Co-Founders Will and Scott were mates long before they became business partners. Their partners were friends through med school, and the duo quickly hit it off, too. And soon they were hanging out and holidaying together, and spitballing new ideas around. 

After seeing a similar booth product at a mate’s office at Atlassian, the pair saw an opportunity: to create an affordable, flexible sound proof booth right here in Australia. 

They also realised this: the experience of buying office furniture is slow, clumsy and comes with a hefty price tag. So, during a hike in the mountains of Tasmania Scott and Will realised it was time to reimagine the office furniture experience. And that’s where Nook was born. 

Meet Scott

Product, strategy and marketing are where Scott leads the charge at Nook. Before becoming a Co-Founder, Scott has successfully founded and sold eCommerce brands. Plus, he even worked as a corporate management consultant in a previous life. 

Now, Scott is passionate about designing tools that enable teams to embrace the new hybrid world of work. With more than 70% of workforces working in open plan spaces, Scott realised these environments aren’t working for everyone. 

And with more businesses embracing remote and flexible work, he wants to design solutions that give employees a quiet place to work or take calls. 

When it comes to staying productive, Scott keeps things simple to set up his day right. That means meditating, getting outside for exercise (whether that’s cycling or lifting weights) and writing out a clear to-do list of priorities for the day ahead. 

Outside of the office, you’ll find Scott travelling around the country competing in surf boat rowing events or testing out the latest health gadget on the market. He’s also got a big interest in all things startups and likes to keep in touch with the latest startups landing here in Oz. 

Meet Will

As for Will, logistics and operations is his focus at Nook. He brings a background in Law and Construction to the team (as well as working in a stack of sales and operations roles during his career).

Plus, Will has been developing his sales skills whilst selling our soundproof booth to companies in an ‘officeless’ world that was 2020. 

He’s always been drawn to the idea of starting his own business. After growing up on a farm, he was immediately drawn to the manufacturing side of Nook and was hooked on the idea from day one.

When it comes to staying productive, Will gets into the zone by turning on chilled study music and likes to have a Shine Drink (a Nootropic drink nearby) to give him an energy boost when needed. Plus, like any good Co-Founder, you’ll find Will set up in Nook’s soundproof booth when he needs to smash through his to-do list. 

After hours, you’ll find Will watching any and all sport he can get his hands on and spending time with his British Bulldog and cat. 

Fun fact: the dog and female model on the first version of Nook’s homepage were Will’s beloved dog and lovely fiancé Anika.

What’s next for Nook?

While it’s been a massive year already for Nook, we’re just getting started.

We’re excited to see Nook transform into the go-to direct-to-consumer furniture and service company for the flexible working age. We know that startups and their employees are looking for smart, flexible solutions that give everyone the right gear to get the job done (no matter whether they’re working from the office or not).

So, we’re on a mission to design products and tools to help them perform at their best. 

After chatting to our customers so far, we know that more customer experiences are the norm when it comes to office furniture. So, we see an exciting opportunity to solve these problems with Nook in the months and years ahead. 

Stay tuned, there’s plenty more to come from the Nook team.