How To Build The Perfect Home Office

How To Build The Perfect Home Office

How To Build The Perfect Home Office

As we get back into the swing of things, you might be thinking about levelling-up your WFH space. It’s a smart move, especially if your current home office set-up was cobbled together at the start of the pandemic. 

No judgement by the way, we did our fair share of time working from the dining table, too.

The truth is that our workspace can have a big impact on productivity and output. But creating a home office that works for you (not against you) is easier than you might think. 

We rounded up a practical guide to how to build the perfect home office to get you kicking goals in 2022 (and beyond). 

Find the perfect office chair

First up, it’s time to ditch the dining room chair and get yourself a proper office chair. Sitting in the wrong seat for 40+ hours per week can leave our back feeling less than ideal. So, make this your top priority when building your WFH office. 

When searching for an office chair, the key is to find a design that’s easy to adjust, molds to your body and gives you a high level of support for all nighters, long meetings or just your typical work day. 

Our Everyday Chair is perfect for those wanting to work in comfort and style. Looking for something a little more supportive? Our Ergo Chair offers breathable mesh, tonnes of adjustability and next-level comfort. Trust us, you’ll never want to get out of it. 

Get a desk that works for you 

Next up, it’s time to get yourself a dedicated area for smashing out your to-do list. Setting boundaries between work and life is so important, especially when working from home. 

So, by adding a desk to your home office, you’ll be able to create a bit more separation in your day.

Want the chance to stretch your legs? Our Stand Up Desk is stylish, durable and adjustable to a range of heights. Better yet, you can save your favourite heights so you never lose focus. 

Plus, our Single Desk is smart, sturdy and easy to assemble with everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

Psst… planning to revamp your current WFH set-up? Grab our Everyday Bundle (complete with a Single Desk and Everyday Chair) or opt for our Deluxe Bundle (packed with a Standing Desk, Ergo Chair and Filing Cabinet). 

Sort out your storage 

Take a look around your current workspace. If you’re drowning in a sea of papers, books and cords, it’s time to get your storage sorted out. 

Start by getting the right cabinet to suit your WFH space. For cosy apartments or smaller home offices, our Single Filing Cabinet is sleek, comfact and the perfect WFH side-kick. 

If you’ve got more space to play with, opt for our Credenza. With spacious shelves and a lockable cabinet for valuables, it’s a practical piece for any work space. 

Then, grab a few folders to add some order to your paperwork. It’s also worth adding a cord organiser to tame your cables and a simple pen holder to clear the desktop clutter.

Get the right tech 

Find yourself hunched over a tiny laptop? It’s worth upgrading to a monitor that can give you a better view of your work. 

All you’ll need is a monitor screen and HDMI cord (as well as a wireless mouse and keyboard to really level-up your workspace). 

If you’re looking to add an ergonomic touch to your WFH space, grab yourself a Monitor Arm, too. It lifts your screen, increases your desk space and even saves your back.

Set the mood

No WFH office is complete without those personal touches. Everything from lighting to scents have an impact on our productivity, so it’s worth thinking about what you can do to help yourself get the job done. 

Pick a scent for your space, whether that’s a candle or diffuser. Add a desk lamp to brighten up your desk. Make an office playlist to help you get into the zone. 

Plus, adding the right indoor plants to your space can really boost your productivity, too. 

Obviously we’re a tad biased, but we reckon our range of office furniture is one of the smartest ways to create the perfect home office. The Recess range is clever, clean and extremely comfy and packed with everything you need to bring your home office to life.

Go on, have a browse of our WFH range.