Reflections on 2021: The Wins, The Challenges & What’s Next?

Reflections on 2021: The wins, challenges & what's next?

We can all agree that 2021 was a bit of a mixed bag, huh? We hate to mention the ‘C’ word here, but that fact is that COVID-19 continued to throw some pretty gnarly curveballs our way this year. 

But, we’re not fans of dwelling on the tough times. So, as we race towards the New Year we wanted to take a second to pause, reflect and look back at the year that was. 

Let’s run through everything we loved, loathed and learnt in 2021 and our big plans for 2022 (and beyond). 

The highlights of 2021

While you probably know us as the creators of the ultimate soundproof booth for the open office, we’ve also been working on big things behind the scenes. This year, we doubled down on our strategy for 2022 which looks like a stack of new products crafted for the world of hybrid work. 

While we can’t say too much just yet (make sure you’re following us on Instagram to be the first to know when we’ve got news to share), we’ve been building a mega growth strategy for the New Year. 

Our goal? To become the go-to solution for any company looking to build their hybrid team. 

Plus, we’re stoked to say we’ve worked with some incredible startups across Australia in 2021. So far, we’ve sold to booming healthcare technology company Eucalyptus (we’ve already scored not one but two of our soundproof booths), stunning proposal software company Qwirl, and user-research platform Dovetail (just to name a few).   

The curveballs and lessons learnt in 2021

Obviously, there were plenty of things that didn’t quite go to plan this year, too. Extended lockdowns across Sydney and the rest of the world has made it tough for any company (us included) to sell into an officeless world. 

With lockdowns and restrictions nationwide for a big chunk of 2021, we saw things grind to a halt for our business. But in many ways, this slow down came as a huge blessing. Why? Because it gave us the time, space and scope to hone our new strategy and focus on building new products tailored for the future of work. 

Out of all the things we learnt in 2021, this lesson was the most important: that in challenges there are also opportunities.

No one could have predicted the impacts the pandemic would have had on the way we live and work. For emerging startups (like us), COVID-19 has been a huge spanner in the works. 

But, being a small and agile team, we’ve been better placed to adapt to this new environment and take advantage of the new doors it’s opened for us. 

What’s next for Nook in 2022?

So, with all of these cheeky teasers, you’re probably wondering what the heck 2022 is going to bring for the Nook team. 

We’re stoked to see the true potential of Nook come to life in the New Year. We’ve got a stack of new products ready to launch, all crafted to help our customers meet the demands and opportunities of hybrid work. 

We can’t wait to share the next stage of Nook with you. It kinda feels like it’s been in the works for a lifetime, but really we’re just getting started. 

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