The Best Plants To Add To Your Office Space

The best plants to add to your office

Whether you’re working from home or the office, your space has a big impact on your productivity. If your desk is covered in post-it notes, used mugs and paperwork, it’s gonna be tough to stay focused. 

But, creating a workspace that keeps you on task doesn’t require a huge amount of time or money. In fact, just a few strategic indoor plants can brighten up your desk, purify the air and even get your creative juices flowing (seriously). 

So, let’s walk you through the benefits of adding indoor plants to your office space and five of our favourite plants to add to your desk.

So, why bother with indoor plants?

Aside from looking good, there are a stack of reasons to add indoor plants to your workspace.

First up, recent studies have shown that employees perform better when indoor plants are in view. This research from Exeter University found that teams were 15% more productive thanks to the addition of indoor plants

Plants also help to boost our creativity and get new ideas flowing. We know that vibrant smells can supercharge our focus and ditch creative blocks, and the right plants can deliver a powerful combination of scents and colours to inspire our next winning idea. 

There’s also benefits for our health, too. Research by UTS found that indoor plants can improve indoor air quality and lower the presence of CO2. The result? We’re likely to experience less headaches, sore eyes, loss of concentration and even reduce feelings of depression.

And if you’re working in a big, open-plan office, indoor plants are a must. They can help absorb some of the office soundtrack and decrease background noise (especially if you’ve got plenty of exposed concrete walls and floors) 

What to look for when picking indoor plants

Obviously you don’t want to spend stacks of cash on fresh plants, only to have them die in a couple of weeks. So, here’s a helpful guide to what kind of plants to look for:

  • Low-light plants: chances are you don’t have direct sunlight in your office or workspace, so opt for plants that only need indirect sunlight or will thrive in low light areas.

  • Easy-care plants: nobody wants to spend their lunch break watering or fertilising plants, so make sure to pick hardy varieties that only require minimal maintenance and watering.

  • Low-maintenance plants: ditch seasonal flowers and opt for hardy succulents and greenery that only need a quick spray of water every now and again to look their best.

Five indoor plants to help boost productivity 

Ready to inject some living colour into your office? Here are five of our top plant picks that will help you stay focused and work at your best.

  1. Devil’s Ivy 

This lush evergreen vine is an instant winner in any office space. You’ll usually be able to spot Devil’s Ivy thanks to its large, heart shaped leaves that come in a wide variety of colours (from deep forest greens to light cream shades).

What makes Devil’s Ivy such a great indoor office plant is its ability to thrive in low-light settings and brighter rooms too. It’s the definition of an easy care plant and requires minimal work to keep it alive, too. 

Plus, the longer you have it, the longer it will grow (make it perfect for adding to the top of shelves in your office space). 

  1. Peace Lily 

Another low-maintenance plant that will suit almost any office space is the Peace Lily. Not only will this indoor plant thrive under office fluorescent or indirect sunlight, Peace Lilies only need to be watered weekly in summer (and even less in winter). 

The trick to keeping this indoor plant healthy is to keep it away from heaters and air-conditioning units (and Peace Lilies thrive in humidity). 

  1. Mother-In-Law’s Tongue 

While not as pretty as the other indoor plants in this list, the Mother-In-Law’s Tongue is another hardy plant that will work in most office spaces. 

Not only does it have intriguing, colourful leaves but this indoor plant can actually survive for up to a month without water. A lover of low-light too, Mother-In-Law’s Tongue will add some vibrant colour to any workspace. 

  1. Jade Plant 

As a member of the succulent family, Jade Plants are an indoor favourite for a reason. They’re glossy leaves come in a variety of colours and it’s resilient nature means it only needs watering every few weeks. 

Plus, Jade Plants are easy to propagate, meaning you can cut off leaves, replant into soil and watch new plants grow. This indoor plant is also believed to bring good fortune, so it’s always a nice one to have nearby when delivering that big pitch. 

  1. Philodendron 

Last but not least is the lush Philodendron. These plants have large, glossy green leaves and are easy to grow and work well in areas that receive plenty of indirect natural light. 

Plus, you’ll know when they need water as their leaves will droop when this plant gets thirsty. 


When it comes to creating a focus-inducing workspace, having a handful of indoor plants in view will help you stay on-task. The trick is to pick a low-maintenance, easy-care plant that doesn’t require much work and will look lush and healthy all year round.