What To Look For In Ergonomic Office Furniture

What To Look For In Ergonomic Office Furniture

One in three Aussies spend at least three-quarters of their time at work sitting. So, it’s no wonder that more of us are looking for new office furniture that gives us the support we need to work at our best. 

We all know how much of a pain picking the wrong chair or desk can be. From back aches to the financial hit of replacing another dud chair, getting our office gear right can be a game of trial and error. 

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of switching to ergonomic office furniture. The best pieces are designed to relieve stress and tension, help us stay focused and ensure we’re feeling comfortable on the job. 

But grabbing any piece of office furniture with ‘ergonomic’ slapped on the box isn’t the smartest move either. 

Instead, it’s worth figuring out what a great ergonomic chair or piece of furniture looks like and how to sort the good from the not so good. So, let’s give you a hand with five things you need to consider when buying your next piece of ergonomic office furniture. 

Is it BIFMA Certified?

These days, you can pick up an ‘office chair’ from almost anywhere. Sure, that $49 swivel chair might seem like it’s doing the job. But chances are it hasn’t been certified for comfort, quality and sustainability. 

That’s exactly why it’s worth checking if the piece you’re about to buy is BIFMA Certified. Essentially, these guys set the industry standard for office furniture and check for things like product safety, sustainability, durability and quality before certifying a chair or table. 

By picking a BIFMA Certified product, you know it can handle 8+ hour days reliably and will continue to hold up year after year. 

That’s why our Ergo Chair is BIFMA Certified, made with double-woven mesh, an aluminum base and seven points of adjustment to deliver a great seating experience day in, day out. 

How easy is it to adjust? 

The perfect chair and desk height will look totally different for each of us. That’s why having the ability to adjust and move your office gear around is key to getting a great ergonomic experience. 

When picking the right ergonomic chair, look for pieces that give you an adjustable seat depth, tilt and tension for natural movement and a range of adjustable settings to suit your needs. 

Plus, make sure to look for chairs with flexible armrests that allow you to move them in or out, depending on what you’re working on. 

As for desks, it’s important to get your monitor at the right height for you. That’s why we love stand up desks that use low-decibel motors to give you centimetre perfect level adjustment. 

Does it come with the right support?

Even with the best intentions, chances are you’ll be spending a lot of time at your desk. So, it’s important your ergonomic chair comes with a high level of support to prevent things like tight hips and back pain. 

Look for chairs that offer rotable lumbar support and expanded seat depths so you can find the perfect level of support for your body. 

Plus, having the option to recline and move naturally is key to keeping your joints free from aches and pains. That’s why our Ergo Chair offers a 132-degree tilt (perfect for a cheeky arvo power nap).  

Are the dimensions right for you? 

Nabbing an ergonomic chair with an adjustable seat depth is a smart move to make sure you’re supported throughout your day. As for desks, it’s worth looking into the different dimensions on offer to find the right fit for you. 

Depending on the size of your office, it’s worth thinking about whether you need a little extra space to let your ideas run wild (and sketch out your next big pitch). For greater flexibility, it can be worth scoring a desk that’s at least 150 cm wide to give you the space to move freely. 

If you’re tight on space and spend most of your day at your computer, a smaller desk of 120 cm wide should do the trick. 

We want everyone to have the chance to find the right desk size for them and their space, which is why our Stand Up Desk comes in both a small and large size. 

Is it kind to the planet?

There’s nothing worse than having a desk or chair break just a few months in. So, it’s important to check what materials your office gear is made from and assess whether it's built to last. 

Better yet, look for office furniture that’s made from recycled materials and is able to be recycled when you’re done with it, too. 

Take our Ergo Chair: we’ve used durable materials that can take on even the toughest work days while reinforced nylon caster wheels help you glide around with ease. 

Grabbing ergonomic furniture for your office is a no-brainer to help you work at your best. If you’re looking to level-up your home office (or even give your boss a nudge to revamp your team’s office space), the Recess range has you covered. 


Go on, have a browse of our office furniture and score our Active Bundle (packed with everything you need to stay focused all day long).