Shipping and Assembly FAQ’s

Do you offer Australia wide shipping and assembly?

We offer shipping and assembly Australia wide. A delivery and assembly fee from $495 will be applied at checkout, depending on your State and postal code. Please get in touch with us via for a quote on how much delivery and assembly would cost for your delivery address.

Assembly on-site is completed by team Recess during business hours: Monday-Friday; 9:00AM – 5:00PM.

What is the lead time for delivery from placing an order?

Lead times can vary and it's best to double check with us when getting a quote. Generally speaking, expect a lead time of 4-8 weeks from placing a deposit for a booth.

How does the booth come together?

Our individual booths come together in about 45 minutes with two people assembling & our meeting booths take 3-4 hours. The booths come as prefabricated pieces off site and are designed to be easily assembled on site.  Each panel is joined together with just a few screws and a trusty old drill. Should you ever have any issues with how your booth has been assembled, please contact so we can help you out. 

How long does assembly take?

Assembly on individual booths should take team Recess no longer than 45 minutes per booth but we recommend leaving an hour just to be safe.