How to soundproof your office?

A major problem with an open office plan is noise, hence the need for modern offices to adequately soundproof these spaces.

To soundproof an office these 4 steps are essential to effectively reduce noise and therefore distractions:

Acoustic wall panels
Add Sound absorbing materials placed around a room to reduce inbound noise, making acoustic wall panels a great solution for combatting noise in an open plan offices.

Install soundproof booths/pods
Soundproof booths/pods are a modular private spaces where employees can work, brainstorm, and fully concentrate in away from their desk. Think of it as a private working area, free from any distractions. They’re easy to set up, move around and can accommodate all types of budgets.

Rearrange office layout
Noise problem can be managed with just a simple office rearrangement. For example, by placing desks in a cluster per department, you can help compartmentalise noise around the entire office.

Introduce plants your office
Not only do plants look great, boost the well-being of employees, and improve air quality, but help to reduce noise within a space too.

Place acoustic wall partitions/desk divider
Similar to wall panels, acoustic dividers/partitions are a proven and tested solutions for blocking out minor noise.