Home Office Bundles

Home Office Bundles

Save yourself the money and the troubles by getting one of our WFH bundles. Work better with a home office setup that takes care of your health & comfort. All without costing the planet.

Save yourself the money and the troubles and work better with a home office setup that takes care of your health & comfort. All without costing the planet.

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"Great duo, couldn't be happier"

Been wanting a stand up desk for ages now and thought why not treat myself to a chair to match! Super happy with the two products!

"Looking for an heirloom table? Look no further!"

I recently bought the active Bundle and could not be happier with the service or product. Each component of the table is strong and well built and when combined they are unstoppable!

"WFH Bliss, changed my work life"

THE PERFECT standing desk! Exactly what I'm looking for during WFH period. The quality is great and definitely worth the $$

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Why Choose a Recess Desk?

"The Recess range of office furniture combines an uncomplicated, relaxed design language with durability and sustainability..."

“Sustainability is a big focus for the brand. It uses FSC-certified wood for all its timber-based products and its packaging is recyclable.”

"Office furniture that helps companies and their employees build a good-looking hybrid office that doesn’t cost the earth."

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Home Office Furniture Packages

Our WFH bundles are the complete home office furniture set to take your work to the next level. We have a huge range of colour and size variations to ensure you can find the perfect match for your home as well as different ergonomic options to help you work at your best for longer.

Ergonomic WFH Furniture

Recess home office furniture bundles are designed with your comfort in mind. With the average person spending more than 90K hours sitting behind their desk at work, it’s worth investing in quality office furniture. Ergonomic designs keep users comfortable and concentrated by preventing the need for constant adjusting.

Sustainable Home Office Furniture Sets Built To Last

Recess products are sustainably manufactured with eco friendly materials. They are designed to last in order to prevent furniture from ending up in landfill. So you can be assured that your products are high quality and are ethically produced. 

Small Home Office Furniture Sets That Respect Your Space

Recess WFH furniture bundles best make use of your space. Ergonomic designs are as pragmatic as they are stylish. The perfect addition to any home office. Even if your workspace is located in the bedroom, our bundles are exactly what you need to feel comfortable working in your home.